• Do you know how to bring out your best features?
  • Do you know how to accentuate your beauty?
  • Are you wearing your makeup correctly?

We will help you identify and accentuate your most flattering features to reveal the natural beauty inside.

Learn How to Apply Makeup

Our makeup lessons will teach you how to apply a makeup application that is specific to you and teach you how to grasp you're full beauty potential. Once you learn how, you will have the strength and power to look your best. 


Learn hands-on and practice along with help from our professional make-up artist.

What will you learn in this makeup class?

  • The essentials you need to know about skincare, daily & evening makeup
  • What you should keep, throw away, and add to your makeup bag
  • How to do a 10 minute makeover
  • How to use different makeup brushes and techniques to bring out your features.
  • Find out the type of foundation you should be using
  • How to conceal discoloration and blemishes
  • How to shape your eyebrows
  • How to make your eyes and lips from sophisticated days to seductive nights
  • How to make your lipstick last longer
  • ....and more!

Invite your best friends, daughter or mother to this day full of fun!


Makeup Lessons FAQ

How much are the professional makeup lessons?
Makeup training is $199

How long is the makeup training workshop?
The makeup training is 2 Hours